Tablet Controlled Bowing

Day 074 Week 11 Q1 Friday, March 15, 2024

Say you’d like to ride some string ports, but you don’t have a string controller where you don’t really want to use a keyboard controller because it’s hard to bend notes and it’s hard to bow and it’s hard to do anything that requires pressure sensitivity well, all of these things can be done when you use an iPad Pro to control logic, either as a remote, or directly by playing the instruments in logic pro for iPad and in GarageBand for iPad which means that you have a very high powered mini controller which can be recorded within the Apple ecosystem and then those mini files can be exported to control other sorts of sample libraries and physically modeled tone generators.

This is a real game changer and it is quite mind blowing because the combination of an iPad Pro and an M class Apple laptop make for a portable recording studio and set of reasonable instruments that is really off the charts. I mean this is an astounding powerful combination. By using Lumbeat as a drummer, with all of its humanization and randomization and many different instruments, and many different ways of controlling and instrument while you’re playing it, I can create a drum part that is fantastically stimulating. And I can record this, and then I can drop it into Logic and overdub other instruments, along with it, like guitars and bases and pianos, and whatever else. This is a way to create some very very high-quality music and I already did it this morning for eight minut. Bridges, the gap between all of the different kinds of music apps, and it also gives me a second screen for my laptop affectively doubling the area to have not quite as much real estate as a 27 inch of course but to certainly have more real estate than a 15 inch more like a 17 inch monitor. 13 squared is 169 and 17 squared is 289 which means I have more real estate than a 17 inch I have a total of 340 in.² which is not quite a 20 inch monitor which would give me 400 in.² but it’s an 18 inch monitor.. Is actually a little bit larger than an 18 inch monitor and that is plenty of space, especially considering that we have the combination of keyboards and touch beds and the pencil so we have an awful lot of power here for playing and for editing coupled with me, bringing my mini keyboard or two and a guitar. Let’s see how much stuff we can take. We’ve got a station again I’m not going to bring bedding or iMac or a lot of clothing or kayak so we have a long way to go and yes, there are many other phone calls to make trust work kayak work and it is only 11 in the morning and I probably can be packed by three or four so now that we have more than 500 words here I can declare this to be done and I can do a posting and then we can move on.