SEPT 5th 2012: Images Speak – The Leverage of Media

(Making a Connection with Those Who Count Through Emotional Relevance)

Date: Sept 5, 2012, 7PM 

Location: The Angelica’s, 863 Main St., Redwood City, CA 94063

Tickets: $15 (Early Bird – Ends 8/28), $20 (Pre-Registration), $25 (At the Door)

– Get an inside glimpse at the speakers’ broad range of personal experiences that has shaped their use of imagery to evoke emotion through different mediums.   

– Be inspired by each speaker’s unique thought and creative processes.

– Learn how to use the power of personal emotion to accomplish YOUR goals, to make your messages more significant and poignant, and to convey the hidden meaning that crosses cultural and language barriers.

At the conclusion of the speakers’ presentations, our founder and chairman, Howard Lieberman, will moderate a panel discussion – where YOU can pick the brains of Emilio, Christos, and Max for what promises to be some of the most inspiring and thought provoking conversations centered around this theme. Prepare to be inspired as we share great ideas, great food, and great networking with a group of like-minded innovators like yourself!

6:30 – Registration (Networking)
7:00 – Dinner and Entertainment (Scot Sier)
8:00 – Main Program
9:00 – Speakers Panel Q&A
9:30 – Wrap-Up (Networking till close at 10:30)
Emilio Bañuelos
Photography Instructor (Academy of Art University)

Emilio Bañuelos has worked as an editorial photographer and consultant for newspapers in Mexico, Panama and the US. His documentary work earned him fellowships from the Poynter Institute, the Marty Forscher Fellowship for Humanistic Photography and an award from EnFoco Inc. In the San Francisco bay area, Emilio teaches documentary photography for the Academy of Art University, and has conducted workshops for the University of California Santa Cruz-Extension and the University of Coahuila and Black Boots Ink.

Christos Chrestatos
Director / Creative Director (Thoughtpusher)
Christos Chrestatos is an experienced filmmaker and director, and also the creative director for Thoughtpusher, a New York City based creative shop specializing in commercials, music videos, fashion films, and “hybrid advertising”.  His work has been featured in the New Museum of Contemporary Art in Manhattan, XLR8R (leading voice in independent electronic music for the US and many top international markets), RES Magazine (bi-monthly publication chronicling the best in cutting edge film, music, art, design and culture), as well as TV channels in countries like Japan, Canada, and Germany.  Christos draws his inspiration from a curiosity towards the human condition, his love for mythology, and an appetite to create meaning;  He believes strongly in the universal language of imagery (and its ability to resonate with individuals), as well as the power of the narrative in bridging the gaps of global culture.

Max Sims
Principal (Technolution)
Max Sims started his career as a car designer at Opel and Renault then transitioning to the Visual FX industry. In 1989 he started working for Alias Research . Max has consulted to many of the leading manufacturers, design consultancies and VFX/animation houses such as Alessi, ILM, Pixar, Motorola, Sun, and Apple IDG. He is the lead author of Inside Maya 5 and has been teaching Maya and Alias Studio at the Academy of Art since 1994 and Cogswell Polytechnical College since 2000. He is an advisory board member to Multiverse networks, Caustic Graphics and the Silicon Valley Innovation Institute.


8/1/12 Announcement:
We are ecstatic about our lineup of speakers this September 5th.  We will be opening our season with one of the hottest topics in the Valley, especially for THIS moment in history – How imagery can help bring your ideas to life, and ultimately “seal the deal” as your message rides the silver bullet of emotional relevancy for your audience.

Joining us will be Emilio Banuelos, experienced journalistic photographer and professor in the poignant art of documentary photography; Max Sims,  3D Modeler and Designer extraordinaire (from toys to Ferraris!); and special guest from New York City – Christos Chrestatos, Director/Creative Director of Thoughtpusher, rising star in cutting-edge advertising and messaging through film and media.

Look out for more info on our incredible lineup of speakers coming up, and reserve your tickets today!