Innovations in Facilities Design

Join us for a discussion on innovative and functional designs for the workplace. Bring your own views on the topic and be ready for discussion.

Panel Discussion

Barbara Lang, Dr. James Caldwell, Heather Ferguson
moderated by Sue Lebeck

Barbara Lang, Jim Caldwell and Heather Ferguson offer their insights and perspectives on modern facilities design, focusing on progressive and innovative practices for private and commercial spaces. Bring your own insights and perspectives, and join us for stimulating conversation.

Barbara is founder and CEO of Glass Paradigm, an innovative laminated glass company; Barbara’s firm extends the power of glass to better manage heat, light and sound, and to create aestethically effective social spaces.

Jim is founder and CEO of E3Regenesis, an innovative waste/energy management firm; Jim is an advocate of holistic design, integrating facilities with broader ecosystems to better serve their users and owners. Heather is an interiors designer working with the Hawley Peterson and Snyder architectural firm; Heather is also an expert consultant in facilitating LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environment Design) certification.