Taking Care of Business

Day 017 Week 03 Q1 Wednesday, January 17, 2024

When there are numerous attractive options, it is important to stay focused on taking care of business.  But how do we avoid the distraction of new shiny possibilities? Well, do you know what is on your critical path? If you know where you are and where you are going, it is easier to tell. But what if there is an inflection point where who you are is changing, and who you want to be just becomes something different than you previously thought? Do you stick to the old path or jump to the new one?

This can be tricky to navigate. Do you have a calling? Or do you simply have a desired direction? What is your true path? The road not previously taken can be attractive, but there could also be good reasons for not having taken it. On the other hand, is this really a new opportunity or just the dropping away of self-created constraints that are no longer relevant?

How can you tell, and does it matter anyway? Can you simply move forward and keep your eyes open? Perhaps you do not need to know yet? Can you tolerate the ambiguity of not knowing? Can you hold multiple options in hand at the same time, or do you have to commit to one and let go of another?

And what is the business you need to be taking care of anyway? Perhaps you are taking yourself too seriously? How about some playful experimentation? How about some exploration that you can recover from if things do not go the way you want them to?

The truth of the matter is it often does not matter where we start because reality is not linear anyway. Sure, there are dependencies, but since you do not have a calibrated crystal ball ticking away where we are going and when we are getting there, it may not pay to try too hard to predict the future as there are many things that are unknowable. When you are in the ocean or a raging river in a kayak, the main goal is to stay upright and not capsize, and exactly how far you travel in any given direction can be hard to predefine. 

If you are in a river, then it is going somewhere, but if you are in the ocean, it is seemingly going everywhere. We all are living in a rich operating flux that is more ocean-like than river-like unless we are talking about death where the river eventually flows, but unless this is imminent, and yes, we usually do not know that either, then we may as well take of business. Yesterday’s business? Today’s business? Tomorrow’s business?

Time to simply take a step and let life take you to the next phase.