Tell Someone Else

Day 15 Week 2 Q1  Sunday, January 15, 2023

If you are a creative outlier, you have found yourself doing much more than is reasonable on occasion. No, not you, right? Here is an interesting exercise. Try to tell someone what you are up to in the next two weeks. You may have thought that you were attempting to do a lot. And you would be right. When outliers think they are doing a lot, just think of how this looks to others. In fact, don’t just think about it. Try to write it down and send an email to someone you think might take the time to read it. 

This may not even matter. The act of attempting to desire the highlights of your next two weeks may shock you. You know how things come in waves. Deadlines, opportunities, crises and yes, they can all come at the same time. And is this bad? Is this unreasonable? Is this great? It does not matter because you do not have time to ask this question; you are too busy responding.  And admit it, isn’t it a little bit exciting to be on overwhelm going as fast as you can without having time to come up for a breath of air?

Seriously while you are reveling in the craziness, you may not even know just how crazy things are until you try to write them down. Does this mean you should slow down? Of course not. Did you ever ride a bike or drive a sled down a steep hill when you were a kid? When you were ten, did you want to slow down? Are you kidding? Did you stop to think you might get hurt at the bottom? Well, certainly not at the age of ten. But ten years later, sure, because you could be going fast enough to hurt yourself seriously. 

Can you hurt yourself going too fast as an artist, entrepreneur, or scientist? Of course, you can. But will it do enough damage to slow down? Only you can tell.  But I can tell that I have this terrible to boogie until I drop. Yes, this tendency did show up over fifty years ago, and I keep thinking I will outgrow it.

Hmmm, not yet. I tell you, if you can be as exceeds when you are seventy as when you were twenty, this is a good thing. At least, it is a good thing for me.  Does it take longer when you have been doing this for fifty years? Perhaps you have learned a few things after putting in your 10,000 hours to a pile of different things, right?

It may be crazy, but in some ways, I still feel like that ten-year-old running down a hill so fast that I fell down. It was worth it! It is still worth it!

So little time and so many hills to run down.

I guess I may just boogie till I drop but don’t tell anyone. 

The reasonable thing, it seems, is to go slow, be careful, and live as long as possible.

I know the conventional wisdom is more is always better. In fact, most of the world is addicted to more. Am I addicted to more and more right now? Perhaps the real thing I am addicted to is to live as fully as possible every single moment at every age. It does not matter how old you are. Just do it.

And by the way, creative outliers do tend to be more curious and hence more adventurous, and yes, that also means they fall down more and often laugh all the way down the hill, even when they crash. 

You see, when we are appropriately matched to the things we are doing, we seem to have far more energy than would be regarded as normal. Yet, when we do the wrong things for ourselves, we have no energy at all. This is a very curious phenomenon.

How can the same person have either no energy at all or a ton of seemingly unlimited energy? Well, it depends on what you are trying to do with it. If you used to have a lot of energy and now have a little, it does not necessarily mean you are old or sick, although you may be dis-eased. When we are not at ease, life can be a chore, and when we are in the zone, it can be effortless.   

I find it amazing how different life can be depending on what we are doing.

Do you? Do you feel a lack of energy? A lack of connection? A lack of anything?