Thanksgiving Day

Day 328 Week 48  Q4 Thursday, November 24, 2022

Pseudo Celtic Harp

Today I am feeling a lot to be thankful for. Sometimes briefing a creative outlier can be a curse, not a blessing, but today is not one of those increasingly infrequent days. What is increasing in frequency, however, is the Joy of Being, which is a true source of happiness and perhaps the only one. Creative folks tend to also be curious folks and as such, can discover things, some good and some bad, but the act of being creative and curious is somewhat, or maybe completely involuntary, which means you are hard-wired to be a creative outlier. It is not something you signed up for or were recruited to. Some people are more curious than others, and those who have a lot of imagination, also tend to have a lot of curiosity.

Sometimes we get in trouble because of this, but other times, when we are on the hunt for ideas or parts or expression, we transcend ourselves and get into a state of flow where time no longer matters much, and the passing of it is quite nonlinear. It is during those times that we can experience the Joy of Being. The Joy of Being Creative can be a fantastic (and even fanatic) source of happiness. Certainly, being creative brings me more joy than acquiring stuff, money or titles or status. Happiness tends to be an inside job. At least sustainable happiness does. You can momentarily get excited and happy about external things, but for me, the greatest high is when I am expressing myself, most of the time not with words but through music. Either playing, composing, listening, working on tweaking musical instruments to aid expression, or sometimes listening to or reading about music. Okay, so I am a music junky, but only junkies, more also sometimes called nerds, get really great at what they are doing. I suppose I am addicted to music, but there are much worse things one can be addicted to.

In any case, I do feel extremely Thankful today and, actually, most days about living with a forest of guitars and basses in one room, keyboards and a grand piano in another, and enough recording and processing gear to choke a horse in my office which I suppose is no longer an office, but a studio So in the process of taking over my life, music has also taken over my house which fortunately makes sense to my wife or I would be in trouble.

But the real Thanks is for the internal curiosity-creativity engine, which seems never to rest but always makes me naturally higher than drugs or meditation.

In any case, Thanksgiving Day is a perfectly fine day to acknowledge and enjoy the Joy of being a Blissed Out Music Nerd.