The Bad is Diminishing

Hey, things do not always go as well as we want them to. In fact, most of the time, things do not do as well as we imagine they might. But if things are not getting worse and are improving even a little, this, too, is worth celebrating.  The lack of positives is less upsetting than the presence of negatives. In my professional world for many years, audio improvements toward excellent sound are less noticeable than removing negative artifacts like distortion, which upsets people quite a lot.

In other words, reducing the negatives may be more useful than increasing the positives because, in reality, they matter to people more. And when someone is a creative outlier, they have a tendency to magnify everything positive or negative.  Avoiding catastrophe is not only good for elections but also good for the outcomes of the creative process. I am not arguing for settling for almost excellent; I am arguing for taking the win when you get rid of the negatives. For example, say you have a habit of procrastinating; no, you would never do that; I know, I never do it either. But let’s just say it was a possible bad habit. Before you never avoid anything and always jump right on the priorities, you must first reduce the tendency you want to eliminate. And when the bad habit is eliminated, there is then room for the good habit to emerge. It is hard to begin saving before you decrease spending. 

Reducing bad things is truly worth celebrating, just as much or even more so than increasing positive things. It is the bad things that bring you down. Now to flip this. Not trying hard enough to get where you want to get is a big problem.  Simply trying a little harder every day is the right direction. Is this reducing a negative or increasing a positive? Who cares? In life and in math, there are inflection points where the sign or the slope changes from positive to negative. Be aware of these inflection points and celebrate when they are crossed in your desired direction. Change does not have to be momentous. On the way to becoming extremely successful is becoming partially successful, and on the way to partial success is reducing failure.  These are all small movements, but that is what large movements are made of.

So remember to be happy when the bad is diminishing.