The Greatest Time

Day 68 Week 10 Q1  Thursday, March 9, 2023

The greatest time for creative outliers to evolve into sustainable innovators is right now. At this very moment, the confluence of the democratization of technology lowering the overhead associated with creating new enterprises and initiatives has returned to the days of the wild west when a person could head out and start a new life.

This leverage has also reduced people’s psychological dependence on following orders from traditional authorities such as the church and the government.  The apparent result is more chaos that has existed in the almost 90 years since World War II ended.  Across the globe, increasing numbers of individuals are putting into power authoritarian, anti-democratic regimes, which reduces the potential of individuals unaligned with the power base.

Therefore those creative outliers have a better chance of making something happen right now than they may have in the future. This is no time to be afraid of the ramifications of being a creative outlier who is progressing toward being a sustainable innovator.  Additionally, if you are a creative outlier, you don’t have much of a choice, and your life is happening right now, not in the past or future. As we can only directly affect the present moment, and there appears to be a need for new directions to solve the many problems facing humanity at this moment, society actually needs your input right now.

Right now, the greatest resource, creative outliers, has the greatest opportunity, making this the greatest time.  Therefore, I am challenging you, the creative outliers, to take control of your life and learn how to each become a sustainable innovator. You will likely be frustrated for a long time if you do not. As the creative process appears to be involuntary, at least to me, who has spent his entire life in the company of creative outliers in every place I lived and every place I worked.

The tragedy in any creative person’s life for a time to come when they can no longer be as creative as before. This usually happens when they run out of money. If they never become innovators, they never learn to monetize their creativity. And this makes the creative process far more intermittent than it has to be. The real reason to become a sustainable innovator and provide benefit and value to society, which desperately needs input, is for you to live a life fulfilling your potential instead of just dreaming about it.

Currently, there appears to be enough chaos in the world for you to strike out a new direction and do creative things. Society is normally resistant to change, but it is craving change right now. And it is craving change in multiple mutually exclusive directions. There is enough background noise for you to carve out a creative niche and monetize your creativity by becoming a sustainable innovator.

This greatest time is when your work becomes play, and your life becomes what you always hoped and wanted it to be.