The New Quarter

Day 243 Week 35 Q3 Friday, September 1, 2023

Yes, this is a kind of currency—coin of the realm. As mentioned many times before, using chronological delimiters is a natural way to perform restarts and changes of phases or stages. This particular chronological delimiter is a special one. For much of the world, they’re most important chronological. The limiter is January 1 at the beginning of the new year, and sure, this is an important one. This is September 1, not January 1, which is still four months from now. September 1 is the most important chronological date for many people because it is the beginning of the new school year. And being educationally oriented and coming from an academic family, especially coming from a Jewish, not a Christian family, September 1 mattered much more to us than January 1. We need to get our new clothing ready to go to school, purchase the new books and get ready to embark upon a growth period.

Therefore, this particular chronological delimiter is a fantastic opportunity for a reset. It is also a good time to start new businesses as well as new school semesters. And living in New England is also the most beautiful month because of the unique foliage. It is the time for new wardrobes and the new attitudes they bring with them. It is the time to redefine oneself. It is the time people change from one level of institution to another; it is when they enter college the workforce, and it is the time of the harvest, which is the time of plenty and the time to prepare for the next season for the cold weather is coming. Everything needs to be ready where I live.

Different people living in different places, having different professions, and growing up in different cultures may have other chronological delimiters that are more important for them. But there is none more important than this one for me. And I believe it is the time for the vernal equinox when we are midway between the longest and shortest days. This does not occur directly on September 1, but it does occur this month. 

This is an especially good time to cultivate new habits based on automating new behaviors. For me, there is not a set of new behaviors, but there is a habituation of the old ones. Not the very old ones. The ones in Port upon in the last two weeks. These are not quite habits, but they are excellent behaviors. And specifically for me, these behaviors represent two new identities. That of a professional musician, composer, of writer and speaker.  I have finally gotten into the groove to do the things that matter the most to me at this point in life. Get in shape, publish my works, and go on tour as a concertizing KeyNoter.

Well, there, you have it, a highly personal and idiosyncratic posting, which may not be useful for the rest of the world but is definitely useful for me.