The Waiting Room

Waiting by Howard

Have you ever gotten a jolt of energy and begun a new project and starting making good progress and somehow found your self back in the waiting room of your mind? You know the comfortable space what the cozy chair and your field and computer snd sketchpads or recording gear or painting supplies.  Have you ever felt like you were waiting to be called upon or discovered or to have permission to give your all. If so it is time to change your waiting room into a staging area. People who are getting ready to go out and do something in the world and know they need to mobilize their gear, tools, skills and state of mind, has staging areas not wanting rooms. You know the staging area is a temporary place for a temporary condition. You have assembled what you need to go o a journey wether physical , mental or emotional. You know it is time to go and no this does not depend on getting an external call, it depends upon responding to an internal call. Or even better, making that call to yourself. This is the opposite of eating, this is being proactive. And yes it may feel comfortable to lapse back into a comfortable space but this is no longer an option for your eating room has vanished. You have already turned it into a staging area because you are getting ready to mobile. Explorers assemble their gear and staff before the head out. I assume you may have been doing this for years. I know I have. I have most of the skills and most of the tools and most of the opportunities a person could ever need. In fact most of the world might even feel like it is even an unfair advantage that I and other creative outliers were born with. When you are young you may be referred to as gifted or as different or as having MORE.

Well, when you are older and have all of the same equipment and potential, you may then be referred to as an underachiever. And most damaging of all you may even refer to yourself in this way. You may have managed to forget you once felt gifted and once felt like you had more and may have settled into The Waiting Room. Waiting for your ship to come in, waiting for the right person to show up, waiting for the promotion to occur, waiting for this or for that. But I can assure you what you are recalling waiting for is to show up. And nothing ever happens while you are eating to show up. You have to just show up, again and again chipping away at whatever obstacles you think may be in front of you only to discover they were greatly magnified or greatly underestimated it, waiting until you show up and get into a feedback loop with reality. There are no real answers inside about how easy or difficult the path is but that can be scary and so you return to your waiting room which is also sometimes an eating room, or a suffering room, or a self flagellation room, or an escape room. Whatever kind of room it is does not matter, what matters is that there is a room at all. Transform the eating room into a staging area so there is no longer a waiting room in your life.  What you say you have inadvertently transformed you r lab or office or studio into a waiting room. Well, consciously change it back into an activity room. Wait, you say that your activity is just another form of waiting? It might well be! Then you have it even worse. You have a wasting room, where you dutifully report every day to waste another day waiting. 

Wait no more, waste no more, plan no more, and excuse yourself no more. It is time to enter into the big leaguers. What you say you have been in the big leagues for many years and it still feels like waiting. It can happen to the best of us. This simply means you are no anger in the right league. Give yourself a transfer into a different league. What you are not  qualified? How many people do you see around you who are less qualified to be doing what they are doing than you are? You see them on the news every day and you see them in restaurants and stores and online. Have you ever felt the righteous indignation that comes along with the clear awareness that things were not going the way you thing they should be? Well you might just be complains and not really know what to do? Or more likely you may just lay the course to do what you need to do. Or perhaps ti truly is not time and truly you are not ready and truly you were never cut out for this dream that you are been harboring for years, months, days or even minutes. Well, you will never find out until you show up.

What do I mean by showing up? I mean being prepared to succeed and also to fail. I mean asking yourself a question you can clearly and immediately say yes to. Not yes, but. Or yes, when, or yes, maybe?  There is no maybe, there is no but and there is no waiting wasting room. You have staged your assault on your fear and are now on the dock awaiting your ship or plane or significant other? This is not a waiting rom for you can not stay there as there are other ships, planes and interested party. And are you still waiting after three planes left and you missed your flight? Rent a car. Fly somewhere else. Get moving and get out your easy chair and mobilize for after all you are in a staging area not a wasting waiting area.

Nuff Said