Today Began Yesterday

Day 4 Week 1 Q1  Wednesday, January 4, 2023

Yes, it does help to be in the present moment, but the past also influences this—a simple case in point. 

When you go to bed has a significant impact on the next day. If it is too late and you are no spring chicken, it can destroy the next day’s output. Suppose you were planning on being awake by some particular time to be able to get something done before an appointment and somehow wake up two hours later, well. In that case, I guess you may still make the external commitment appointment, like, for example, getting to work, but you will likely miss the internal appointment you made with yourself. 

And here is where a day can begin to unravel. Why do we take external appointments more seriously than internal appointments? Are commitments to others more significant than commitments to ourselves? Well, I guess if your external reputation is more important than your internal reputation, it could be, for, after all, you can forgive yourself more quickly than someone else can forgive you. Or is this really true? Can you forgive yourself, or does this accrue like compound interest?

Well, they both accrue – the inner and the outer. Perhaps all we really need to do is be as bulletproof as possible in keeping our commitments. for both internal and external reputations matter equally. Can you be the same person inside and out? If you are not, this will eventually come back in unpleasant ways.

So remember, today began yesterday, and perhaps one of the most important commitments one can make is to get to sleep early enough to be able to keep tomorrow’s commitments. Although this sounds simple, it is actually very difficult, which is an excellent reason to habituate when you go to bed. It increases the likelihood that tomorrow will work out well.

Not a biggie to say but a real biggie to work hard to be faithful to.