Todays Minor Insight Partial Expansion

Day 235 Week 35 Q3 Monday August 23, 2022

Today is about talking to myself, figuring out where to put it, expanding upon PROF-KEYNOTER-DVDA-212-ZVIII-NSW.

Okay here is the place to put it and it can be expanded upon but I would like to publish it and that implies answering the questions abut where to put things and how many places there should even be and I have answers which are derived from the above:


So here we go, assuming this first line is about insight regarding the way the universe is and the way that I am.

Lets expand it is detail but first I want to capture that I had a Logo Idea for SVIII – I want it to be square and that means two lines with the SV on the top line supported by the three III columns which I will have to invent and yes I want a new Logo.

Okay back to expansion and where and how many places?

It feels like I need three different places to put things for three different reasons – 

SVIII to Monetize, 

NSW to Concertize and 

Involuntary Innovator to Organize or rather to Concretize if this is even a real word.

I guess this mean right we know where to publish it.

And what is it that I feel like publishing?

Well PROF is about the intersection of the way the universe is and the way that I am.

Assuming the the universe is dynamic and always in flux but that it does exert and we all need to operate within it as well I guess it is an operating flux. And I just was hijacked by Herbie and Pat playing Cantaloupe Island but back to it. Wow pretty dam awesome!

Okay so we have only just touched the OF – operating flux and than add the R to the OF for Rich Operating Flux and this speaks to the issue of the universe is a giant mirror and if you put in good you get back good etc. Which for me makes it potentially a Rich Operating Flux which means it has a positive bias to it, or at Elat it can if I treat it that way.

And this is only three letters ROF now take the rather huge leap to integrating the P which is also loaded with meaning. At least three of four of them.

PROF is an abbreviation for being a professor and PRO is an abbreviation for being a Professional and in my case also for professing which both professors and Keynoters do.

Or I can simply say I am a professional at professing but there is even more to it than these powerful connections there is also the need to be proactive in order fro the universe to be a rich operating flux. You need to throw something out there.

And wow we have 500 words and have not even gotten to the second word.

And frankly the feels like enough because we know where we can take this but the goal was to be UltraCal – Ultracalibrated and I guess a little published as well so lets do it.