Total Renovation

Day 355 Week 52 Q4  Wednesday, December 21, 2022

When is renovation required? And is it a process by which proper upkeep is a form of continual renovation? There are three kinds of renovation we become involved in, like it or not. Our cars, our houses and our lives. 

Car and house can be replaced although not without considerably more expensive than renovation or repair. Your life is a more tricky procedure for it is like building and maintaining a vehicle while you are driving it, a boat while you are sailing it, or a house while you are living in it. 

Sometimes you have to bring a car into a shop or vacate a dwelling for major work to be completed. This is not as easy for life renovation.  Cars seem to begin to run out of steam somewhere between 50 and 100 thousand miles, and houses somewhere between twenty-five and fifty years, depending upon how well they are taken care of and what the initial quality was. The same could be said for people’s lives. For those who have won the genetic lottery, this is the equivalent of beginning with an extremely well-constructed car and house. But even the well constructed rewire maintenance and there comes a point when an overhaul or a major renovation is required. Some people have mid-life crises, or near-death experiences, both of which can be due to neglect or extenuating external circumstances beyond their control. 

Sometimes what begins as routine maintenance can evolve into a total renovation. You begin with a new refrigerator and end up with a new kitchen or an oil change and end up with a new or different car. Now it is harder to get a new life, for it is more like getting a used car or a used life. They still have some sort of life expectancy.

After decades of living, you probably find yourself with both more physical and mental possessions than there is room for in your life. As you go from living in your parent’s house to your own house and being a dependent to self-sufficient, somewhere along the line, it occurs to you that you are not immortal and that if you have some things that you were planning on getting done, you had better do them right now. 

Although this can occur at any age, it becomes increasingly likely as we are getting to renovation time when some major systems may need replacement. I am not simply talking about the physical world, but your internal mental structures may have become insufficient to house your intended pathos for creative outliers paths.

This can begin as, hey, I have more clothing than can fit in even three closets, and some or even much of it does not fit or is worn out, so there is no point in getting more or larger closets. In fact, your various lives may require a completely different wardrobe as all of our worlds change. And this can lead to how many different file cabinets, cloud accounts, desk drawers, toolboxes and bookshelves do I need anyway?

When the contents of your closets and drawers and your email and cloud accounts begin to seem less relevant, then it makes sense it is time for some renovation. Even if your life seems perfectly fine and you love the one you are with and the place you live, and the things you are doing, the need for some multidimensional renovation can sneak up on you, and you can find yourself in the middle of a big renovation job. 

This is a good time to let go of a lot of stuff, including ideas that may have been holding you hostage, more than you were consciously aware of. If this is the case, acknowledging you are now in a renovation project makes the entire process easier. Time to get that psychological dumpster ready to receive some obsolete debris.