Tourable MeaningPlace

Day 11 Week 2 Q1  Wednesday, January 11, 2023

Creative Outliers do not necessarily spend their entire lives living in the same house, with the same partner, working at the same job, or even in the same field. They might, but they may have a greater tendency to change things. This can raise questions about what places and activities have or create meaning. If you are, say, a touring musician, business person or any other creative pursuit requiring a great deal of time on the road in places other than where you live, it can be very useful to bring your sense of meaning with you.  

I call these Tourable MeaningPlace, and it simply means the ability to bring your MeaningPlace with you when you are on tour. You do not have to be on tour, but if you were tourable, that is to say, able to tour and still retain a sense of meaning, that would be a worthwhile goal. We are not totally in control of much of our lives, which is not bad; it is just the reality that the only way to exert a lot of control is to shrink the size of your world.

If you do want to live in the larger world and be able to move about with ease, it is very helpful not to need to be at home for your life to make sense or to have meaning. Instead of craving a meeting place to network and hobnob or a marketplace to consume or sell, I crave MeaningPlace. That is to say, I need to have a place to go where my life has meaning, and if I am able to bring this place with me, I call this a tourable MeaningPlace.  It simply means I can go on tour or simply be ready to go on tour and bring my MeaningPlace with me.

Delightfully, I have just gotten there.  I already know how to reliably and repeatably create meaning in my home. In fact, I do it every morning as part of my morning calibration process, which involves a combination of journaling, playing, composing and recording music, communication and more.

It is not so easy to bring a favorite chair, a desk, a light, a guitar and a piano with me when I get on an airplane, so I had to find other ways to get centered or calibrated or in flow or whatever you want to call it. 

Today a thousand miles away from home without my stuff to perform my morning routine, I was able to accomplish this goal still and am so delighted that now it no longer matters where I am. I can still get into the state of being in a MeaningPlace. At least I have a hypothesis and have not yet disproven it.  Until I do it more times and over a longer period of time, I can not yet say t definitely works, but I can definitely say it worked today, and this is a very good place to be able to get to.

Being in a tourable MeaningPlace is definitely a good thing.