Toured MeaningPlace

Day 14 Week 2 Q1  Saturday, January 14, 2023

What do you mean by that? Well, if a MeaningPlace is a place you can internally t generate meaning as you do not quite believe there is much possibility for external meaning unless you. Invest some of your vital internal energy into it; then, I guess it all returns to the internal.

I am saying to myself and anyone else who is listening, that what matters is what you think matters.  If you think nothing matters, then nothing matters. And I you think a lot of things matter, then a lot of things matter, and you get to not only decide which but you get to change your mind as often as you want, and every time to afford what matters, you are casting a vote for this mattering.

And what you vote for the most frequently and most recently is, I guess, all there is. And I do not think there is a problem, at least for me, as there is no shortage of what I think matters, so I am blissed out by how cool the world is and how exciting my life is. Does this make me nuts? Possibly but I am happy. Would you rather be eternally approved of ad unhappy or internally approved of and happy? After all, it is a choice you make every moment. Or at least you can. 

Does that mean some people just rationalize everything and are basically deluding themselves about how they are? About how well, they are doing? About if what they are creating is worth it or not? Well, if you are not harming anyone else and can keep a roof over your head, then who is to say you are wrong? Only you!

Back to Toured MeaningPlace.  One goal of mine was to be able to go on tour and feel like I had brought my MeaningPlace with me. This is what I call a tourable meaning place. I have been thinking for some time that if one could be away from their home, their routines, their stuff, their friends and whatever matter to them and still not only function but also have meaning wherever they find themselves, this would be a desirable state.  

This was the hypothesis. “Bring your meaning with you, and then it does not matter where you are. This would translate into assuming you need meaning in order to be happy, then you could be happy wherever you found yourself. It did not mean you had to go anywhere at all. I did not call it a touring MeaningPlace. I called it a Tourable MeaningPlace, by which I am stating that I could go on tour or a trip or move or simply not be where I am most of the time and still find meaning wherever I find myself.

Guess What? It worked! In case some of you have not noticed or are reading this some time away from when it is being written, there has been a global pandemic ogling on for a few years, and this dramatically curtailed many people’s abilities to travel. They did not need to have a tourable MeaningPlace because they were not going anywhere very much.

Well, the pandemic is still going on, but there was a need to go on a trip, so I went.   was delighted to find out that I indeed did have a Tourable MeaningPlace.

Just because it worked for a week does not mean it will always work, but now I have at least some external validation of the hypothesis and let me tell you, this is a powerful concept. And it was not an easy place to get to.

But I now have a Toured MeaningPlace, which means I can pretty much assume I also have a Tourable MeaningPlace. And that is pretty powerful!