Trajectory Arc

Day 207 Week 29 Q3 Thursday, July 27, 2023

As creative outliers, we all have managed many projects, initiatives, processes, problems and perhaps even prototypes, demos and pilots. After all, we create stuff right. But these individual activities may be grouped into tasks, milestones and goals, although not always using that language when art, music, writing, and the forms of expression still do hopefully fit into a larger trajectory that is going somewhere. 

They most certainly do have an interdependent and cumulative effect on the trajectory of our lives, but to what extent can or should they be grouped into a describable arc, a trajectory arc? Each of us has a story and a set of stories, and we may even become trapped in our stories by repeatedly delivering them to ourselves and to others. And stories usually have some climax and some arc to them.

This arc implies something smoother than the up close herky-jerky set of behaviors and activities that may comprise our lives. For some, this arc is very describable as these individuals may decide when they were ten years old what they wanted to be and what lifestyle they wanted to have and what kind of person they wanted to marry and what sort of profession they would need to become to fulfill this path.

I suspect for most this is not the case, as it most certainly is not for my friends, even if it is for much of my family. Sometimes the trajectory arc is only discernible from the back window as you have passed through much of it. But it is also possible to invent or imagine a trajectory arc in front of you seen through the windshield as you drive it. This can be an affirmational trajectory arc conceived of in broader or narrower terms at different points in time and from different vantage points and reference frames.

The shape of the arc curve may be a function of conceptual abstraction, which is the opposite of knowing precisely what car model, color, and appointment you want before driving it. And there may be some time travel required to smooth out the arc in the telling of the narrative, for yes, there is a narrative to be told, and the act of telling it to ourselves and to others solidifies not only the story but the reality of the life as well.

It is exciting to be able to reshape life in the telling and, more so, in experiencing the Trajectory Arc. If the arc is a timeline, then where you are in your projected life span may also make it look different, and the stories we tell as a twenty-year-olds likely differ a great deal from the stories we tell fifty years later.

Which ones are true? Or which ones are truer? You got me! They are, after all just stories, or are they?