Transformation by Intention

Day 204 Week 29 Q3 Monday, July 24, 2023

All of us transform all of the time. Sometimes glacially slowly, like rocks being worn down and sometimes like a tree burning. It all depends on many things, with the context being a large one. But how many trees choose to burn or rocks choose to erode? People certainly exercise more will than that. But some of us transform more intentionally than others. Some are obsessed with intention, delusional, believing we can control all of the outcomes. Some of us have almost entirely given up on intention and let the winds blow us around the universe, so to speak. But how much transformation can be by intention buttressed by intuition?

Well, quite a lot. Our lives are what we make them, and this can involve goal-setting to some extent. For some of us, more than for others but goal setting is not the force behind the transformation. No, it is behavior setting, not goal setting. And sure, you can ask what the difference between setting a goal and behavior is. Are they, not the same thing? No, they are not at all the same thing.

Goals leave out all of the actual steps reared to get somewhere, whereas behaviors are the actual steps. There is a completely different level of granularity at play here. Those who focus on goals and think because they have articulated them that they are in some way already done have been watching too much television where a situation is set up and magically resolves in under forty minutes, interrupted by commercials. This reality distortion field has removed the work required to make anything happen, which takes a hundred times more time and effort than dreaming, wishing and goal setting, which are all the same thing.

And yes, people say a goal without a schedule is a dream, to which I counter goals with a schedule are also just a dream because even though most people have goals and dreams and schedules, they are usually like New Year’s Resolutions. Which translates into they do not happen for long enough to matter most of the time.
If you want to Transform by Intention instead of being dominated by external forces impinging upon you, then commit not to a goal or a schedule but to a behavior and not a different one every day, for changing gears can consume your entire existence, never leaving any time to gain purchase and have traction.

Also, behaviors are less glamorous and far more realistic to commit to than goals and schedules. Oh, you say that committing to behaviors is committing to a schedule? Well, not usually because a lot of what happens in life is beyond your control and thank goodness for that, or your life would be totally boring. It is the adapting to what we learn that forms us, not what time we do it. If you commit to behavior and all of your plans get turned around, do that behavior when you can as long as you do it and do it intentionally and religiously.

This is the compound interest path to Transformation by Intention.