Truly True Today

Day 187 Week 27 Q3 Friday, July 7, 2023

We all know an infinite amount. Or at least we all think we do, but much of what we know may be an unvalidated hypothesis or something we have heard or read somewhere and accepted. Do you question what you hear or imagine to be true? Do you try to test your hypothesis? Have you ever concluded something will not work but have never actually tried it? Did you initially determine this from a mind experiment like Einstein with relativity? The question I am asking this morning is, how do you know what it’s true?

And the answer may be impacted by where you are standing. What is your point of reference? Do you have a clear or obstructed view? Are you in a place where it is not even yet possible to tell what is true? We are often directed by feelings more than by logic. This is not surprising, for we are clearly not truly rational beings much, if not most of the time. 

So I repeat the question, do you know what is true? What is truly true today? And what is truly true for you? For what may be true for others may not be true for you. Is truth relativistic and not absolute? Is it like loud and soft? Or big and small? Does it depend on when, for whom, and your mood? And if you do not live alone on an island, physically or metaphorically speaking, how does this impact your truth? 

As a creative outlier with seemingly infinite ideas, options and conclusions, I sometimes find myself surfing this wave for pure joy without taking the time to tell what is true or what matters. This is like being a ten-year-old running down a hill as fast as you can and not caring about the possibility of falling. 

Do you journal, meditate, or try to silence your mind to understand better where you are? This is a good time to try to find out what is truly true today. For it matters a great deal, and yes, it is somewhat more relativistic than the laws of physics we encounter during our average day.

If you sometimes find yourself seriously stressed in ways that are not creatively useful, such as creating dissonance before resolving it with consonance, you may need to ask yourself these kinds of questions. You are not stressed for no reason. There is always a reason, and part of your job is to discover the cause because it may not be true. We are capable of getting upset about things that are not true, so we must do some testing. And just because something was true yesterday, truly true for you yesterday, does not mean it is true today.  It may even be true for someone else close to you and not true for you.

Try to find out what is truly true today for you.