Day 021 Week 04 Q1 Sunday, January 21, 2024

I know there is a lot of concern about artificial intelligence at the moment because some people are afraid they will lose their jobs, and others are concerned that they cannot trust what AI has to say. People seem to have lost a good deal of trust, and this is not surprising.

It is not only AI that is not trustworthy; it is also our leaders, our commentators, and people in business. 

When the drug companies pay the bills for drug research, the conclusions are a foregone conclusion. When neither doctors nor hospitals can admit when they make mistakes because of insurance companies and lawyers, on the order of 100K people per year die. When those who run for the highest office in the land lie without pause for years and are still popular, one can only conclude that the public doesn’t care about the truth.

The Church, the Boy Scouts, the United Nations, and the US Congress have all demonstrated deplorable behavior. It is no surprise that suicides are up and that morale is down. Things look to be a mess in almost every direction.

So, who can you trust? Hopefully, you can trust yourself because if you cannot, why would you expect to trust anyone else? If Society primarily subscribes to the belief that MORE is always better, the only possible outcome could be an extreme amount of lying. When some researchers publish every five days, you know that it has to be nonsense because real experiments take more than five days to do. Never mind replicating results and summarizing insights. Everyone is trying to publish more, make more money, get more influence, and, in short, inflate their standing in the world.

The net result is a tremendous amount of inflation in every single dimension except for self-esteem, true real accomplishments, collaboration, problem-solving, and meaningful interaction with others. We are reinforcing poor behavior, not good behavior.

If most people are looking outside for meaning, they are going to be looking for a long time and not find it. Until your relationship with yourself is solid, you are not going to be able to trust anyone.

So do not worry about whether or not you trust artificial intelligence because it is all being trained on what people are saying, and if the people are talking are not trustworthy, why on earth would you expect an artificial intelligence trained by it to be trustworthy?

AI is no less trustworthy than people are because the source of all of our information is untrustworthy people. Try to get into the habit of verifying what you hear.

There are very many ways to do this. One of the best is to conduct an experiment. Do not expect all experiments to yield positive results; that’s not what science is for. Experiments are conducted to find out what the truth is. Getting a negative answer is just as valuable as a positive answer.

Until you can trust yourself, how can you trust anyone else?