Ultimate Convergence

Day 231 Week 34 Q3 Sunday, August 20, 2023

The wisdom literature has suggested in many cultures that one way to philosophically cut through the noise in life in order to focus on what really matters, there is a shortcut. Oh, and this does not discount the role of relationships in life because what you were about is not just the title of what you have become.  Being a husband or wife, brother or sister, son or daughter, and all of the myriad relationships that occur from mentee to mentor, employee and boss, and associate and colleague does take a lot of energy and does provide a lot of meaning, and also even provides longevity, so yes these are important.

But some of us want more than that and develop our profession, specialization, avocation or strong hobby. When we die, there may be a summary of our life generated and delivered at a memorial service, or obituary, or summarized on a headstone. The form of the summary is less important than its content. In fact, it may not even exist except in your mind, which is the place to perform the ultimate convergence.

Whether you have left five years or 50 years, it might be helpful to articulate this ultimate convergence to yourself to determine what you should be doing right now. I want to be a communicator of insights that can be helpful to a very particular population. I called these people creative outliers because, for the most part, they are creative enough to be outliers, and this often makes life difficult for them.  It makes life difficult because the standard dreams that most people have may not be enough for them, or even if they are, the pursuit of those standard dreams will be both facilitated and complicated by being creative.

And as one of those people who found ways to cope, I think some of these discoveries can be useful to others, like myself. In the past, the majority of people who have something to say either say it in person or write it down. If you had a lot to say, then, most likely, it had to be written down, but as attention spans are decreasing every moment, the likelihood of future individuals reading anything that is long gets less every year. We now live in a streaming society, where audio and video are extremely accessible to most of the planet.

This implies that whether you begin by speaking or by writing, it will likely end up as something streamed if it is to get into the hands and ears and minds of creative outliers like yourself. This implies that the information you would like to deliver will need to be performed. Making information perform makes it more experiential and, therefore, more likely to have emotional relevancy and impact.

There does not seem to be a choice if you have something to say; you are going to need a video. The good news is you do not need a multi-million dollar studio to shoot a video. All you need is a high-quality smartphone, perhaps using an external microphone, although the microphones and cameras built into smartphones today are of a quality that would have been considered of state-of-the-art professional caliber earlier in most of the lives of the people who have something to say.

So just do it. Put your phone on the tripod, point it at you, and say what you have to say.