UltraCherry Les Paul

The UltraCherry Les Paul

A truly unique and most likely one of a kind instrument.

1. It is an ultra which means it has both an internal tuner and a USB port in theory making it really easy to play unplugged in the dark with no other gear like a tuner or plugged into a computer wit a simple USB-B cable and that is a pretty cool combination.

2. Additionally, it does have two completely separate and different, although combinable, pickup systems, which are both very cool in that one is a pair of humbuckers with individual volume and master tone controls, and the other is a NanMag system with its own volume, bass and treble controllable. And these two systems even have independent 1/4-inch outputs in addition to the USB port.

3. And the Les Paul body shape, weight and size with all of its high fret access, sustain, 24.5″ scale length, tunamatic non-whammy pitch bending but tune destroying feature, and toggle in the right place to not hit when playing. And for all of that, it visually looks identical to a conventional Faded Cherry Les Paul by utilizing an ingenious mode toggling volume pot for the Nano instead of the second independent humbucker tone control.

4. And I am the first owner of this nonstandard instrument which was evidently discontinued (in 2014) before mine was manufactured in 2017 and somehow made available as brand new in 2020 when a new Gibson CEO came on board and got rid of some inventory which is why this is really an UltraCherry instrument. No one has owned it before me, and I had the conventionally skinny round wound strings replaced by D’Addario XL Chromes Chromes, the industry standard in flatwound guitar strings, before it was even shipped, turning this way ahead of it’s time rock’n-roll guitar into a real jazz guitar. And remember, Les Paul was a jazz guitarist, and I am sure he would have loved this incarnation as well or even better than any that were made during his life.

This well-ahead-of-its-time Epiphone instrument never made it into mass production before being discontinued! It is a super incognito sonic powerhouse, visually masquerading as what appears to be a currently shipping Gibson, selling for three to five times its price, sans all of the modern dual channel hybrid analog-digital electronics, tuner and belly contoured body.

Although an excellent early morning unplugged and a computer direct recording guitar the real performance is to send the humbuckers outputs into a conventional guitar amp signal path and the NanoMag into an acoustic guitar PA system path enabling two completely different sounds at the same time and while digitally recording the unprocessed combination of these two signals only indicated to an unusually observant audience member by a fatter cable tie combined cable carrying these three signals.

Oh, and did I mention when using the USB connection, the guitar’s internal active electronics are powered by the computer of course, with internal battery backup?

There is a lot packed into my naming this special instrument UltraCherry, and now it is time to take it for a spin.

Ah, played till blissed and back to sleep for more than another hour!

And did I mention the grain?