Unstoppable Mood

Day 251 Week 36 Q3 Saturday, September 9, 2023

When you are in the right mood, nothing can slow you down or stop you.  This is a mood that is quite possible to get into on a routine basis, which is why morning practice gets you there. You are a creative outlier with many projects on your plate, and a number of calamities occur at the same time. For example, your wife can get COVID-19, your power can go out, and with it, the ability to flush toilets, have drinking water, take a shower, and power your telecom and internet communication equipment.

Then, a response is needed to a contract you were waiting for that had arrived the day before and demands your time. Basically, several calamities can coincide.  This is a normal life for a busy person, and nothing can ever be completed if you let these things derail you.  Fortunately, you had automated all of the appropriate behaviors to get your head in the right space so you could be in the state of readiness to be able to deal with anything that came your way. 

The good news is, when you are truly centered and in a state of readiness and have been able to get into a state of flow, and I’ve had a good night’s sleep, you can deal with all of this.  And since many catastrophes will impinge on you many times in your life, you may as well get used to it.  It is not the opportunities we receive or catastrophes that determine our lives. It is our response to them.

It is almost 12 noon, and I am just completing what normally would be done by 10 AM. But is this slowing me down? Not a bit, for I am coping quite well, and no doubt there will be some good and some bad that comes out of this day and these situations. The true state of readiness is one where you are truly ready to be able to deal with whatever comes your way. And guess what? I can, and I do. 

Another question is what else can be done with this unstoppable mood, for I am at the gym using their power, shower, and internet and, on the way home, will get additional provisions for dealing with the issues. But I am so happy that I can cope that I will use this to pivot and slingshot toward the next set of goals.

In particular, I will create a new process of using drum percussion programming to underpin the song forms.   And I now have EZdrummer 3, Addictive Drums 2, and Groove Agent 5, besides all the internal to Logic Pro and GarageBand, drumming capabilities, and a pile of Lumbeat apps and Odd Grooves purchases. Then there are all of the drums in Band in a Box and in iReal Pro as well. So I think I am covered forever!