Validated Hypothesis

Day 015 Week 03 Q1 Monday, January 15, 2024

Have you ever been carrying around an idea that you were working your way toward attempting to validate by manifesting it? It could be a painting or a book, a song or an invention, or anything at all. They are all examples of an unmanifested insight. And you do realize that without being manifested, it can not be adopted, embraced, or even experienced.  In other words, your idea can not fail or even be truly judged if it is never manifest. 

This is, I suspect, the excuse for procrastination for many creative outliers. I know it is for me.  After all, you can not fail if you do not try. But yes, we also miss 100% of the shots we never take. This is such a great excuse for our flimsy egos. You cannot fail if you do not try. And, of course, you also can not succeed if you do not try either.

Think of how much energy is tied up in this almost, but not quite, danced dance. Hey, you may not be dancing, but you also do not look like a fool. Of course, you are also invisible, which does not likely get you anywhere either.

The flip side of all of this is the Validated Hypothesis. You have an insight, then manifest it, and then you get to wait and see if it is adopted. But if you just wait and see, not too much will happen. You have to promote an activity to get anyone to pay attention to it. And here is the payoff! It releases an incredible amount of energy that was tied up in procrastinating.  Either way, succeed or fail, you learn something that you can not learn if you do not try by showing up.

And what if you managed to validate your hypothesis? How can you even tell? What does success look like? What is validation anyway? Only you can judge, but if you never try, you definitely can not tell much except that you are afraid to try. There may be excellent reasons why you did not try previously. You may simply not be ready. Or you may not have had an opportunity to find out. Well, create the opportunity.

Once you validate your hypothesis, you release all of that pent-up energy, and by the way, this does not mean you can immediately run toward the next step. It can and does take time to process what has transpired. This time is needed in order to determine what the next step should and could be, depending on the type and degree of validation.

I can say that once you have validated a hypothesis, the world does look a little different. Perhaps you may have felt like you were in a hole from which you could not see the horizon. And once you climb out of this hole, you can see further.

Of course, you can then begin procrastinating again or begin accelerating.  The choice is yours, but first validate your hypothesis.