Want Support? Give Support

Day 137 Week 20 Q2 Thursday, May 18, 2023

As creative outliers, we all know that we are different than the mainstream and one difference is the ability to be supported. Since creative outliers differ from the norm, the norm does not necessarily provide the support a creative person needs to create, for it is not what everyone wants to do.

Presumably, doctors understand doctors, drivers understand drivers, and academics understand academics. Still, there is no guarantee that any of them support people pushing the envelope as creative outliers, are want to do. But creative outliers do tend to understand each other and are therefore more likely to be able to provide support.

And what is this support I am referring to? It is emotional support. And everyone needs it. Olympic athletes, poets and playwrights all need support. We all need coaching, cheerleading, and acknowledgment. And we all need these things more than information. 

Believe me, the last thing a person who has been reading since before they went to school is more information. We all know how to get it. And ubiquitous bandwidth ensures it is piped directly into our homes, phones and cars. We do not need lectures. We need to be acknowledged. We need ubiquitous salons. And the internet can provide these as well as information. We need ideational proximity more than geographic proximity to find like-minded companions. 

What it all boils down to is if you are one of the many creative outliers, who does not feel understood or supported, you are not alone. Hardly any outliers feel supported that is part of the outlier definition. Do you think CEOs, Captains of teams and brilliant nerds feel supported? At best, they are admired but not necessarily understood. Leaders and decision-makers have different issues to contend with, just as creative outliers do, and they can even be the same people inside.

If you want a friend, be a friend. It is that simple. Spend time with other creative outliers supporting their dreams, and they will support yours. It is a very simple formula. Give what you need, and you will get it back. The universe is a giant mirror, reflecting exactly what we put into the world. 

Put out hate, and you get back the, and the world looks hateful to you. Put out fear, and you will see a lot of it too. But put out abundance, and this too comes back to see. The greatest gift you can bestow upon another human being is seeing and acknowledging them. And this is more difficult in the realm of creative outliers, for what they are into is not always so easy to quickly understand. Since no one thinks they have time, most creative outliers remain misunderstood.

If you want others to put out the effort to understand YOU, then try to understand THEM.  Ask what’s in it for US, not what’s in it for ME.

And do it with people like you, for they are the ones who can understand you.