What is Creativity

Day 234 Week 35 Q3  Monday August 22, 2022

I am not sure what it is, but I can say what it is not. It is always following orders and never taking a different way home, never trying a new meal in a restaurant, nor never expressing an original thought. It is not trying to completely remove risk and curiosity from your life. It is not repetition; it is not ever making new connections.

It appears that curiosity and creativity must be related in some way. Asking what if? And how? And Why? And trying something new just because – no reason needed. Creativity also requires persistence and perseverance.

Persistence is the quality of stubbornly or resolutely continuing something in spite of opposition, whereas perseverance is the continued steady belief or efforts in spite of opposition which often can require repetition.

This creates the dilemma of creativity not being about repetition but sometimes requiring repetition. Interesting.

Creativity can, at times, manifest as seeing the world through new eyes. Entering into familiar situations or circumstances and perceiving different options. Perhaps called Insight? Seeing within – within who or what? Ourselves and the external world a the same time.

Creativity is rewarded when it works and not rewarded or even punished when it does not work. In fact, creativity can be punished even if it does workouts because many people are afraid of change. It makes them nervous because they may be already overwhelmed, and adding to the unknown does not increase security, but perhaps creative people are not particularly concerned with pursuing security. Perhaps they already feel secure so they do not have to pursue it?   The pursuit of wealth may be similar; if one has it or feels that they have it, and these are not the same thing, then they do not feel driven to pursue it.

On the other hand, if a creative person is already creating, they will continue to pursue it because it is part fo their identity. It is a personality attribute or flaw depending upon your vantage point.

Another thing is certain for me, and that is as a creative outlier, I do not algorithmically approach life but go with some sort of personal flow which invariably is not the flow of the larger population around me. And even when I have successes, I still have a hard time doing things the same way I did in the past. I feel the need to try new approaches and new fields also time. I am diced to steep learning curves, which do not necessarily lead to efficiency, but it does lead to efficacy. And it almost always leads to new ways of doing things which I usually tire of long before they become mainstream.

Sometimes to be creative means to be lonely because you are not going to be well understood by most of the world. But it never leads to being bored. I have not been bored ever except when required to perform repetitious operations.   I can not even touch type because I use different fingers on the same letter keys often and in fact, do this not the piano as well. It is had to develop muscle memory without repetition. It is also hard to break free and do new things if you are satisfied by repetition.

Still, creative people can imprison themselves with strongly held persistent untrue mental models. In fact, the outside world can not imprison creative people nearly as effectively as they can imprison themselves. But then again the outside world also can not stimulate the creative person any better than they can stimulate themselves either.

This implies the creative person lives in a different world than the mainstream, and they can be both dangerous and exciting at the same time. No Risk, No Gain is my motto. It is definitely not; no pain, no gain.

I do not see the need for pain, but I do see the need for risk, and in fact, if there is no risk involved, I am generally not interested in participating, which is why I am much better at interacting than passively observing. 

Well, clearly, this all needs to be sorted out, but I am still feeling the need to throw it up oi the world and post it.