When it is Time, It is Time 

Creative Outliers tend to have hundreds if not thousands of ideas and dozens of them can even seem like they are worth following up on. And then we can begin documenting and researching and acquiring tools, and even a few new skills and sure while we are at it, some strategic relationships and then we can certainly the decks and then clean the house and then fix the car or the studio or your friends and by the time the dust has settled you may have learned a ton, spent a ton of time and money and dramatically increased your potential.

But did you get a tangible, sharable, monetizable result? Or are you stuck in an infinite preparation and calibration loop? Have any of you been there? Probably not, it must be only my problem. But just in case any of you have suffered from this immense and seemingly infinite ability to get ready forever, and in so many different ways. But as soon as this next piece of gear arrives at your PO Box or as soon as you cancel those extra subscriptions or maybe make some transfers of gear or cash or something, then you had some visitors, and then they introduced you to more visitors.  Oh, and then there was a pandemic, and then there was a political meltdown of historic dysfunctional proportions, and then a few friends had surgeries or died, or their friends did. And on and on. And then your favorite cafe went under, or the restaurant could not get help, so it became only take out.

Sure we all have a million legitimate distractions, and we all have way too many ideas to address them all.

But when it is time, it is time, and sometimes you have to tell yourself that you are not going to do anything else except think that you have always wanted to do. And no, I am not talking about bucket lists or even any lists at all. I am talking about that project that you have been talking up for years or weeks or months but clearly well past the gestation period, as even your new friends and old friends have all heard about it.

And then, one day or more likely in the middle of the night, you wake up and say, “It is Time.” And then you start. And then you are still tempted to do other things but know that none of them will matter as much as this one, so you remind yourself, “It is Time.”

Has this ever happened to any of you? No, I thought not, for everyone else except me is doing a Great Job on making progress, and it is only me, myself and I who are stuck.

We all know the drill – When it is Time, It is Time!