When It’s Time

Day 288 Week 42 Q4  Saturday October 15, 2022

Trillian Time

Have you ever been thinking about starting off in a new direction? Like a new career or a new relationship, or a new field of study? Or even simply a new project or a new song or a new book, or a new painting. Or a really new direction like starting a new company?

By the time you are 40, the answer to all of these is probably yes. Well, at least that is one of the important things Marcus Aurelius said in his book Meditations. I am paraphrasing here from something I read long ago, but which stuck. He said, in essence, “By the time you are forty, you have been exposed to most of the main themes of life, loved and lost, succeeded and failed, been defeated and recovered and from here on out, what you experience will be variations on these themes.” 

So, I return to the topic introduced When It’s Time and slightly rearrange that to “When Is It Time?” Assuming you are an experienced creative outlier, I would imagine it has been time, many times. And that you usually knew it was time. Now, this does not mean you always acted on it as soon as you knew it was time. Note that you could have or even should have, for there is a gap between knowing and acting, even if you have a bias for action.

This gap is somewhat time-varying in an interesting way. When you are both young and old, the gap is a lot smaller than when you are in the middle. The impetuousness of youth and the sense that you are running out of time as you get older both produce the same result. When you know it is time, you know, and you act.

Perhaps this is because when you are on your way up and on your way down, you are in reality more so, than when you are in the middle dealing with all of the constraints you have constructed and beliefs you have bought into. 

Whatever age or phrase you are in, there is, rather reasonably, still some gap between knowing and acting, and it could be tiny or paralyzingly long. There often may be what you consider to be legitimate reasons to wait to act even if you know you should act, but When It’s Time, It’s Time, and as far as creative processes are concerned, the time is generally right now. You know when you know something is the right thing to do. The right time to launch into a new whatever.m Perhaps you have heard of the deathbed perspective? It means, whatever you think you need to do, you had better start NOW. Not soon, but now. Soon may never come but NOW is already here. 

When it’s time – it is NOW.