Which End is Which 

What do you mean by that? Are we talking about which end of the house is the front or the back, or which end of a project is the beginning or the ending? Or which end of the story is the starting point or the ending point? And why even ask such a question?

Because the answer may seem obvious to all of them, and I contest it is obvious to none of them because reality is not linear. There really is no beginning or end, and everything is really the middle until perhaps when you die and then perhaps not even then.

Sure, you can say when you were born and when you died, or maybe you can’t, but someone else can, but is this really true, for we are reborn many times and die many times in our lives?  How about graduations and weddings and first projects completed? Are these not also beginnings and endings? And how about life-changing understandings that come on you sometimes slowly and sometimes below the threshold of perception, but when examined later on (or even by others), they are obvious.

If you have a house surrounded by woods as I do, it is still hard for me to determine which is the front and which is the back, for the front door is on the side of the house and there seem to be three different backs, and since there is a circular drive that splits going to more than one part of the house I am still confused and when people come to visit so are they.

Linearity is convenient and even sometimes accurate, but do not confuse this for reality which is of greater dimension than can be accommodated by linearity. We just like to tell stories to cope. The stories often have beginnings, middles and ends but only until someone asks a question and the interactivity changes the relative aspects based upon context.

A straight line approximation to describe a situation is certainly convenient but equally certainly not the whole story.