Day 244 Week 35 Q3 Saturday, September 2, 2023

Perhaps there is no substitute for willpower. Is this the same thing as discipline? Perhaps, but I find it more useful to think about it in terms of momentum. Discipline implies working on things whether you like them or not. Willpower seems to be a slightly more positive attribute. When I think of discipline, I think of mindlessness, and I think of a following, and I think of the opposite of freedom. Whereas, when I think of willpower, I think of tremendous freedom. And that is a huge difference, especially to me.

I do not intend to follow anything other than what I have derived to be true. This is why I had to determine my desired identity and direction to derive the appropriate behaviors that needed to be automated through habituation. And guess what? I actually did do exactly this. And now that I have derived and largely habituated the desirable behaviors, all that needs to be done is to follow the steps. And that does sound like discipline to me, except that it is the discipline to do what I have commanded, not with someone else as commended.

This is where world world power comes in. I thought that I had said willpower, but the recognizer said world power and perhaps this Freudian slip is appropriate because there may be no larger power than willpower.  And this is why this entry is called willpower instead of being called discipline.  There is a mindlessness to the concept of discipline that I very much disapprove of. And there is a mindfulness that I very much admire, which I associate with willpower.

Is there any harm in using the blog postings to talk to yourself? I think not, as I have already accumulated enough blog postings for another book or two. And if there is a set of blog postings that are all talking to myself, that can also result in another book, which is fine, even if it is not a part of the innovation series.

The truth of the matter is that willpower is essential for creative outliers. It is even more essential for creative outliers than for the rest of the population because it takes a lot of low power not to chase down the infinite number of ideas and distractions that we are aware of. You cannot be a creative outlier without an increased awareness of possibility. They are one and the same. If it is human to adapt and to cope, then creative outliers are the best at adapting and coping, which is why innovators are drawn from their rank. The people who create the world tomorrow come from this population of creative outliers, which is why I am focusing my energy on them and on being one of those who has transitioned from ideation to becoming an innovator.

It takes willpower to keep going no matter what else comes up.