ZAP Yourself 

Day 33 Week 5 Q1  Thursday, February 2, 2023

Zoom and Pan or ZAP is a worthwhile exercise for some. It means to stop what you are doing, or even preferably do this before you have begun to do anything. For example, early in the morning before breakfast or leaving the house if you are still doing that in these pandemic or perhaps post-pandemic days.

Our minds are wonderful time machines helicoptering backward and forward in time from the past to the future and back, sometimes in a second.  This makes sense as we are, each of us, a combination of our histories and our dreams. And in the present moment, we make some sort of attempt to reconcile all of these experiences and perspectives or not. After all, roller coaster rides can be fun unless you are prone to whiplash. 

What if all of this zooming around back and forth were a bit more orderly and conscious? What if we began at one point in time and went to it, whichever you prefer, and then looked around 360 degrees, also called panning, the P in the ZAP?

For example, take yesterday, and go there, pick a time and look all around you at all of the different perspectives and frameworks ranging from relationships, projects, finances, health, and anything else of interest but stick with Whatever time you zoomed to and then pan around observing.

Then what if you took control of your time machine, went to another point in time, and did the same thing? It could be a prior time, say five years or five months or even five days before. By a combination of panning around at different points in time, you can gain perspective. I mean, are things better now than five years ago or worse? Are you getting in shape? Are you dying? Leap ahead into the future by some amount and do the same panning around to gain perspective for looking at a single thing, like bank account balances or the number of books published or the condition of your primary relationships. 

What if you, at any time in the day, find yourself spun out, excited, and or fearful but want to gain some perspective on the bigger picture? ZAP yourself and do a quick Zoom and Pan to gain perspective, change your mood, or better understand the reality of what you are feeling now.

After all, we own our time machines, but unconsciously helicoptering around in them, jumping from thought to thought and perception to perception, can be either fun or terrible. It depends on how you manage the trip.

When in doubt of your current perspective ZAP yourself. But do it in an orderly manner. Pick a point in time, see how you were feeling or expect to be feeling and then pan around in all directions to get a closer to 360-degree perspective on the matter. Then pick a different point in time and do it again. And then do it more times until you feel like you have a more accurate perception of what is going on. For there are and have been and will be many different yous’.

Most of the time, we are zipping around in either when or what we are looking at, but this can be a more conscious and orderly process. You can determine beforehand some sort of trajectory through these perspectives and then follow it in order to ZAP yourself into a more accurate understanding of what is going on.

Use your time and perspective machine instead of letting it use you.

ZAP Yourself.